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           I specialize in Grocery / Frozen Food / HBC/GM / Confections / Beverages / Meat and Perishable/ Private Label and Branded Sales/ Food Service and Retail Trades

         I have an extensive portfolio of building sales teams for multiple start-up companies, as well as handling major expansions for Fortune 500 food and consumer products companies. What makes me different is my recruiting niche. I know and understand the food and consumer products sales industry. I have made this industry my specialty since the business was first started

Since 1980, I have amassed a database of over 35,000 vetted contacts in the consumer products industry. I attend most of the major trade shows and my phone bills indicate that I talk with hundreds of people a month in this business!    This website has thousands of hits from people exclusive to the industry. 


Staying Power During Trying Times  

     There have been a few economic downturns since I began the business in 1980.  When I started the business, Interest rates were 12.5%, unemployment was near 10% (with a much smaller work force than today), and inflation was rampant.

     Over the years subsequent downturns (recessions) took their toll.  During the years 1981, 1985, 1991, 1995, 2002-3, and now, the business of hiring slumped.  After each cycle, I came out better than before.  Each time the market downturns, many recruiters (the Résumé pushers, the fly by-nighters, the weak) find their way out of the business, Good Riddance.  I compare myself to "Forrest Gump" who buys a shrimp boat, starts out slow, and then survives a terrible hurricane only to emerge as the only shrimp boat left. After that, there was an abundant harvest. 


Fee Policy:  (effective, as of January 1, 2017)

All positions are company fee paid on a retainer, contingency, or contract recruiter basis,

Payment is due 10 calendar days after candidate starts employment

Definitions of common terms:

Candidate:  Refers to any person introduced to the Company by the Recruiter for the purpose of hire by the Company.

Prior Knowledge: Refers to when the Company has or had direct and recent contact (within one year) with Candidate in an attempt to hire Candidate and can be verified by the Candidate. Recruiter will take reasonable care to ascertain from the Candidate whether or not they have been in contact with the Company. Company must communicate Prior Knowledge of the Candidate to the Recruiter at the time a Referral (see below) is made.

Referral:  Company accepts the candidate from Recruiter when it receives a résumé or other identifying Candidate information and/or Recruiter arranges or secures any meeting of Candidate with Company. A Referral will be excluding Prior Knowledge. Any person and/or organization representing Company accepting Candidate information and/or Referral from Recruiter will constitute acceptance of all of the terms set forth in this agreement.

Any candidate referred and hired for employment or whose services are retained within 12 months of his/her introduction to and/or last interview date with the company. If the candidate is contacted again before the expiration of one year's time, the 12 month period starts over again. The entire fee for the placement service is earned and due on the day the candidate hired begins employment with the company.

Limits of Liability:

     Upon acceptance of candidates from the recruiter, the company expressly agrees in no event shall the recruiter’s liability for any and all actions of the recruiter and/or candidate and relating to the search process or hiring of the candidate exceed the amount of the fee paid to the recruiter.

Notice to Pennsylvania Based Candidates and Companies:

I am not licensed for PA Sales tax, therefore,  I do not make placements in the State of Pennsylvania with Pennsylvania Candidates and or Companies for positions to be based in Pennsylvania.    

For Hiring Managers: A Challenge for Character:

    I am willing to offer myself to the same reference checks you require for your own employees.  I will submit to any standard such as, but not limited to: credit history, personal background information, work history, driving and criminal background, and drug screening.  I challenge other recruiters to offer themselves to this level of scrutiny. Most will refuse, and for good reason, they will fail to meet the standards you would expect from any new hire.

Avoid shoddy recruiting tactics:

Most recruiters who have less than 10 years of experience are what I call "Point and Click" recruiters.  They have always mined the internet for their contacts and know nothing else. They rely on mass emailing and job postings online to generate interest for their client's positions.   My trade contacts have always been based on personal contact and not by "point and click.  I have never posted on job online, ever!  

 I do not use networks. I have over a 30,000 name database in the consumer products industry as mentioned above.

I comply with applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws regarding the referral of qualified minority, female, handicapped, and veteran candidates.*

I am certified and listed in the Small Business Administration (SBA) database PRO-Net as a Small Business under the SBA rules and regulations Title 13,  Part 121.

*Résumés submitted by me contains information provided solely by the candidate and representations made on the Résumé is solely that made by the candidate and may need to be verified independently.

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